Significant People

… Everyone here I consider to be a significant part of my life. Some friends can be so close that they become family, some are family by some sort of blood connection all be it somewhat indirectly. Some people I have not mentioned here and I don’t mean anything against them. The reason is almost certainly because, being here is quite a commitment. It means you are ‘more’ than a friend and, with some, I am not sure I have the right to place such a position on them unless they let me know otherwise.


2009-07 - Robin


Robin is someone who has become incredibly special to me.

Robin is one of those men that would be there if he could. In fact, if he couldn’t, he would feel really bad, like he has let me down and I love him for it. Of course, he never could let me down and I shall always try to be there for him too.

Robin has a blog, he doesn’t write often but, like all blogs, it opens up a little about who he is




She gave me 4 amazing children and I am always very grateful that we remained friends after the divorce

Someone who has shared such an experience with me can never be classed as anything other than family


Steve & Rosie

I love Steve & Rosie. I don’t do religion but if ever two people were shining examples of how Christianity should work, it would be these two people.

I enjoy their company, they are part of my extended family and always shall be.

It sometimes feels like we are only ever visiting to use their hospitality. We’re really not. We’d visit them if they lived the other end of beyond and no where near anyone we knew

2009-07-10 - Nick 1


We have a long history

Nick was my partner for much of the last decade and he will always be very special to me.

I doubt we were ever really suited to be living together, perhaps it was too intense, but as friends I think we do very well.

He is, of course, a total nut when it comes to Dr Who and other science fiction programmes, in television in general if the truth be know.

If there is anything I am proud of it is getting Nick interested in travel

2009-07 - Jonny


He’s always been here as long as we’ve been in Northampton

I know he probably doesn’t feel the same way by return but I shall always see him as part of my family and, as such, he’s one of the few to never have to knock or call first