There is myself, my husband Dennis, Jermaine, Matthew, Zoey & Daisy-Jane, Anne and Sean plus grandchildren Joshua, Imogen, Zachary & Daniel

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This is me … born in the summer of ’63, a great time to be around apparently but, I was too young to get any of that ‘vibe’ no matter how ‘groovy’ it was supposed to have been!

I’ve been in a relationship with Dennis since the start of June 2015

My Kids (A bit grown up now)

2009-07 - Jermaine 1

Jermaine born in 1987

Jermaine was born healthy but at around 11 months he regressed. This has turned into a life-long pattern of progression and major regression. Mentally he’s never reached more than about 2 years old. Physically he also has type 1 diabetes and quite uncontrolled Epilepsy.

He now lives in his own self contained flat where he is cared for professionally by a team of Carers

Matt with me and Daisy in 2015.

Born in 1998

Matt is either now or will be very soon a retail manager, he’ll be whatever he wants to be really.

He has been with Anne since 2007 and they have two children, Zachary & Imogen

2015-06-13 15.11.59
2015-07-03 13.55.30 Zoey was also born OK but by 6 months she was showing signs of delayed development. She was born in 1991 and though she’s fine physically, mentally she struggles to keep up with even a 3 year old which she finds really frustrating. She now lives in her own place with paid carers

Daisy is the youngest of my children born in 1993.

She is married to Sean and they have two boys, Joshua & Daniel

IMG_13511 This is Matt & Anne. Anne was born in 1990 and she and Matt have been a couple since June 2007. They have two children, Imogen & Zachary

This is Sean born in 1992 and married to Daisy since 2010.

They have two boys, Joshua & Daniel

IMG_0033 Imogen (2009) & Zachary (2011) are the children of Matt & Anne
Joshua (2009) & Daniel (2011) are the two sons of Daisy & Sean IMG_9359

Other Family

2012-01-22 - _4

This is my Dad

Born in 1932 and lived most his life within 50 miles or so of Dagenham, currently living in a care home in Kettering

My Sister, Lynn

A little older than me born in 1961