There is myself, my partner Dennis, Jermaine, Matthew, Zoey & Daisy-Jane, Anne and Sean plus grandchildren Joshua, Imogen, Zachary & Daniel

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This is me … born in the summer of ’63, a great time to be around apparently but, I was too young to get any of that ‘vibe’ no matter how ‘groovy’ it was supposed to have been!

I’ve been in a relationship with Dennis since the start of June 2015

My Kids (A bit grown up now)

2009-07 - Jermaine 1

Jermaine born in 1987

Jermaine was born healthy but at around 11 months he regressed. This has turned into a life-long pattern of progression and major regression. Mentally he’s never reached more than about 2 years old. Physically he also has type 1 diabetes and quite uncontrolled Epilepsy.

He now lives in his own self contained flat where he is cared for professionally by a team of Carers

Matt with me and Daisy in 2015.

Born in 1998

Matt is either now or will be very soon a retail manager, he’ll be whatever he wants to be really.

He has been with Anne since 2007 and they have two children, Zachary & Imogen

2015-06-13 15.11.59
2015-07-03 13.55.30 Zoey was also born OK but by 6 months she was showing signs of delayed development. She was born in 1991 and though she’s fine physically, mentally she struggles to keep up with even a 3 year old which she finds really frustrating

Daisy is the youngest of my children born in 1993.

She is married to Sean and they have two boys, Joshua & Daniel

IMG_13511 This is Matt & Anne. Anne was born in 1990 and she and Matt have been a couple since June 2007. They have two children, Imogen & Zachary

This is Sean born in 1992 and married to Daisy since 2010.

They have two boys, Joshua & Daniel

IMG_0033 Imogen (2009) & Zachary (2011) are the children of Matt & Anne
Joshua (2009) & Daniel (2011) are the two sons of Daisy & Sean IMG_9359

Other Family

2012-01-22 - _4

This is my Dad

Born in 1932 and lived most his life within 50 miles or so of Dagenham

My Sister, Lynn

A little older than me born in 1961