I don’t recall a lot from childhood apart from not remembering it as an overly happy place. My memory has it is quite functional. I felt loved by my mum, Nan and a next door neighbour and tolerated by anyone else. I rarely had more than one friend though I did hang around at school with a group of ‘mates’ who also had no mates. In my teens I went out and got drunk with them, it seemed cool at the time. I occasionally spent time with work colleagues socially but rarely did any come close to being a friend or, maybe I was just too naive to consider them as friends, I was certainly terribly insecure and convinced no one liked me at all, ever! Who knows, that may have been true, I wasn’t exactly fun to be with. I had no interest in anything, was gay (and knew it in my way) trying to pretend to be something I wasn’t. I fell in love with a guy when I was 20, yes, that old before I fell in love for the first time. It had to be secret, being gay under 21 was still illegal back then and he was even younger so, it could never go anywhere. We both ended up going the same route of conforming. He got married, had kids and so did I. But hey, I got 4 great children out of the deal and am still friends with the ex so not a disaster! Of course being as though I had to live a lie for years it made me realise where my insecurities and lack of confidence came from. Once I ‘came out’ in 1998 I suddenly, almost overnight, became a different person, the one who was always just out of reach and it felt good. I am still that person and it’s great to say, with confidence, I like who I am.

This real me doesn’t want anyone else to go through something they don’t have to so I put a huge effort into other people to make their lives better. For many I have done just that, for others, they were not in a good place, I couldn’t help them. What I like to think is, I’ll give anyone a chance. I have no self interest beyond the betterment of others. Seeing another person walking the right path is my ambition and driving force in life.

I did voluntary work as well because I can do something, put something back into society and help others, often many others at the same time. Most will never know I did anything for them and, you know what, that’s totally fine, I don’t do it for the praise, I do it for them. In this way I describe myself as ‘agnostic’ which to me means I have a very profound believe in something driving me to do the right thing. I don’t know what, call it God or call it The Force, it doesn’t much matter, the end result is the same, always do the right thing by others and be as selfless as possible.

Born: ’63
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: Too much!
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Waist: Variable!
Language: English
Nationality: British
Disabilities: Wear Glasses – Use Hearing Aids
Religion Agnostic but, deeply moral
Sexuality: Gay
Status: Married
Location Northampton, UK
Favourite Colour Purple
Favourite Music Muse, Hollywood Undead, Ed Sheeran and many others
Favourite Food Salmon
Favourite TV Stargate, Star Trek, Stranger Things, Most DC Stuff or Marvel
Favourite Movie ID4, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Santa Clause etc +100’s
Favourite Place Philippines, Venice, Disneyland Paris, Florida, Pompeii
Social Pastime Photography – eating out – PC
Sport Swimming if I get the chance
Pet Hates Liars, lateness & net stalkers who find sites like this just to try and bully people elsewhere
Anything else? Erm, some of the details on this site are slightly wrong, security you know!

Steve Antipolo

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