Wish List

What could that be?

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When it comes to birthdays I’d much rather have time, it’s more valuable and special than any ‘thing’ could possibly be. Of course, it’s also more personal too, no one can just pull out the amount of time someone gave them last year that they don’t want any more!

What I mean by time is things like in this list

  • Hair Styling
  • High Wires
  • Flight
  • A Drive
  • Phone call
  • Photo shoot
  • Massage
  • shopping
  • A walk in the forest
  • Coffee
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Holiday or Short Break
  • Movie
  • A Chat
  • A Hug

Those are just ideas, it’s not a list for you to pick one, the idea is that each friend or family member who cares thinks of something themselves from what they know of me that they think might make my day

For Christmas

I guess the sort of thing that can be done at Christmas is different to birthdays, more actual gifts but, even so, I’d still be happy with time or something hand made. It isn’t the financial value which counts it is the love put into the time or the gift

There are plenty of options in the list so take a look through there but … one thing about me, I get a huge buzz from personal effort way more than ‘stuff’. Someone actually physically doing something for me is worth more than any ‘thing’ could do.


Always a tricky one!

Look, the point of this is to help me understand who cares and who doesn’t. You know what it is like, year after year with those polite birthday/Christmas cards because they are on someone’s calendar. All very nice but, no real effort there, no feeling of need from people to be there at all doing something personal, that leaves it all feeling a little shallow to me. A more modern version is the message on Facebook, it’s so easy they even have an annoying reminder for the entire day until we write something. Again, that is no effort at all, it could be as much to get rid of the message as celebrate an occasion.

It isn’t because you feel an obligation, it’s because you want to.

All I am asking is, if anyone feels I am special to them, have affected their life in some positive way (or similar), don’t wait for the funeral, I don’t plan on being there!

If something needs to be demonstrated or said, then let’s have it now before I go senile or meet my maker (no immediate plans for that)

What Gifts?



  • Shirts M
  • Hoodies M
  • Jeans 34″W 30L
  • Shoes 7

Christmassy Jumper


Original Penguin Boxers Size Medium


Original Penguin Shoes Like this – Size 7


Vans Shoes like this, any colour


Brito Gifts Like these

genera15 genera16genera17genera18genera23genera22genera21genera20genera19

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