Not doing anything at the moment except being a carer, a dad and a granddad.
Long term aim is to rebuild my CV so that I can commence with a career from the level I should be at with the wealth of experience I now have rather than start at the bottom. One thing I don’t have any longer is the time to work my way up.

According to imdb I am also a cinematographer which is certainly something I must have done with my eyes shut! The imdb link above does go to my own personal profile on there

I don’t get paid for anything I do, haven’t done in many years

Looking to eventually make a living at Photography and, even if it never makes me my only income, maybe it’ll top up my pension in my old age!

I run a support group for Gay Dads:

Gay Dad Support

  • This is an online support group I have been running for many years. As the name suggests it is there to support gay dads and applies to anyone with the main requirements that they are already a dad, did at some point have a relationship with the mother of their child, are gay or bisexual and are fluent in English