I started in 2009 and am still and always shall be, in the learning phase! Always looking for models for portraits, nude is useful as I learn loads from it (not a sexual activity). Ideas are excellent, if someone has something they want done, ask and, as long as you don’t mind me experimenting, I’ll try and do it. I have been asked to do portraits, nude for sex sites, family pictures, weddings, Facebook/My Space profile pictures and many others and I love all of it if I can get the right results! Be warned though, I am VERY fussy and unless I am 100% happy with the results, I delete! Any pictures I take, with the exception of nudes, WILL be used to build my portfolio as long as I am not charging so that, eventually, I will be able to make some money out of this by building up a reputation and customer base


It is both my work (voluntary) and my enjoyment.


I am a doing type gamer. Blowing things up doesn’t hold a lot of appeal to me.  I prefer to be flying in FlightSim or building houses in the latest Sims game. I enjoy but rarely play now, Roller Coaster Tycoon. On the xbox I like Forza and GTA especially when playing along with friends and family … the lego games are fun too


I have many websites of my own, of which, this is only one. I write and maintain two charity websites as well and am always learning new things I can do