… It’s always difficult when writing about an ex. It is all too easy to pretend something didn’t happen and move on to the latest part of our lives. Well, I am saying outright, I have no regrets about any of my ex partners. They have been and shall always remain an important part of my life and have contributed a whole lot to the person I am today, thank you, all of you.




I cannot fail to acknowledge Neil who was a very important part of my life for two years back in the 1980’s



I am not going to pretend to have led the perfect gay life so this section would not be complete without my ex wife, Kris.

She gave me 4 amazing children and I am always very grateful that we remained friends after the divorce

2009-07-10 - Nick 1


We have a long history

Nick was my partner for much of the last decade and he will always be very special to me.

I doubt we were ever really suited to be living together, perhaps it was too intense, but as friends I think we do very well.

He is, of course, a total nut when it comes to Dr Who and other science fiction programmes, in television in general if the truth be know.

If there is anything I am proud of it is getting Nick interested in travel



My ex and a lovely man. We had a lot in common but the timing was just off for our relationship.

2009-07-22 - Florida 484

Deej (John)

Split in July 2012 after having been together 6 years, married for 3