Close Friends

… These are those people who, over the years, have earned the right to be my friend. It may be something they did or said or just because they make me feel amazing when I am with them, none are in any particular order. These are true friends, not the sort I just happen to meet at parties who would, were it that I was with them more often, most likely be in my nearly family section.




A very close friends who has always had the chance to be more

I have known him since I was around 5 I guess but only really got to know him as a friend since I was about 16. Someone who was always there at school, in the background.

He is annoyingly and frustratingly old fashioned, stuck in his ways and does little to look after himself because he’s too busy taking the problems of the world on his shoulders

He does have a heart of gold but I sometimes feel it is out of some feeling of obligation rather than just a need he has to help

I want Paul to be so much more than he is



Along with Keith some of the nicest people I have known

The sort who would be upset if I were in trouble and didn’t ask

I value their friendship loads

2009-07 Pete Atkinson


Tony introduced me to Pete as one of the first things he ever did. Clearly it was important to Tony that Pete and I were friends.

Pete is wonderful, there are few people I am closer to yet, when we meet, we hardly said a word. I know he is always there for me and I am for him, Pete is that kind of person

Over the years we have drifted with respect to contact but I hope he knows that not a week goes by when I don’t think of him and hope he’s OK

2009-07 - Paul


Paul is a guy I’d like to think will always be around. He is funny, trustworthy and an all round great guy

He does take life too seriously. I wish I could share with him the knowledge of time and events that only 40+ years gives someone, I think he’d worry a lot less about the here and now.

Paul, please, don’t smoke! I have this horrible fear that friends are going to die from horrible smoking relating illnesses on me



Don is lovely and cuddly with a heart of gold, probably because he has had to live through so much shit in his life.

Another of my friends I don’t devote enough time to but think about often

Again, Don lives so very far away



One of my last remaining school friends

I often thought of Jeff as an eternal bachelor but this is clearly not the case as he has been with Jane for a few years now

He has been very good to me over the years but sadly I feel we have drifted apart now, probably because of his relationship with Jane as I have felt, on the few occasions we have met, that she has not been comfortable with me.

That is fine of course, I am just happy that Jeff is happy and I know he has loads more friends as well

2009-07 - Ian


I can remember the very first time I met Ian. For months I had been reading the postings that he made on uk-motss and listened to what Tony had said of him. In my mind he had been elevated to celebrity status, I was in awe of him.

Tony took me skinnydipping in London and that’s where I met Ian so within moments of meeting this ‘God’ I was seeing him naked! (he looked good as it happens and just for the record)

Since then he has given me great pleasure as a friend, a very special friend who I feel, strangely considering his ‘God’ status, I have a lot in common with.

Richard2009-07 - Richard 2

Richard I met not long after he and Ian got together. I can remember how excited Ian was about him.

Bless Richard, he has always looked really young, I think he looked about 12 when Ian first introduced him.

He drinks too much, but then, he knows that.

He’s lovely, he cuddles well, does most things well and has a heart of gold.



When I first met Danny he was polite but practically ignored me. That said more about me than it did him because I just wasn’t confident enough to meet new and especially good looking guys

As time went by I developed as a person and Danny and I got closer, I see him as a sort of brother now. True, I don’t call or write as I should but I know he is always there and I think he knows the same about me



Have known Tom several years and, after someone makes the effort to get to know him they’ll find he’s a genuine, likeable sort